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With departures from Lisbon and Porto we present these "standard" tours designed for the client satisfaction, and any of them can be changed and adapted according to your expectations!

For all

At CosyTour there are no barriers. Whether it´s just a person, a family, a senior, people with special needs or reduced mobility, among others, we always have a solution.


We are specialists in creating entirely personalized services according to our clients' wishes and expectations. "Didn't find what you want on our website?" Don't worry, contact us, we will be happy to prepare a proposal for you.

Across Europe

We build packages combining more than one country, allowing our clients to arrive in one country and visit several other different countries that otherwise would be difficult. Always in the company of our collaborator, who will do everything to make you feel at home.

Some of the places you can visit **

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Tourism Government Agency of Portugal

CosyTour is a tourist activity company licensed and authorized by the government agency that regulates the activity in Portugal, "Turismo de Portugal, IP" and our registration number is 78/2011.

Certificate with the "Clean & Safe" seal

"Turismo de Portugal, IP" certified CosyTour with the “Clean & Safe” seal which means that we comply with COVID-19's best pandemic prevention practices. More than an obligation, a duty to our clients!

Secure Online Payments

For online card payments, CosyTour works with the global electronic platform PayPal, recognized as one of the most secure in the world. CosyTour will never have access to your data and the client benefits from a safe and worry-free purchase.


Mandatory CosyTour Liability and Personal Accident insurance are provided to CosyTour by the world-renowned insurance company Allianz and the respective insurance policies have the numbers: 202806908 and 202806897.

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Across Europe

Do you want to combine Portugal with more European countries? Don't worry, CosyTour has what you need, contact us.


As a private tour it can be changed by the client, whenever he wants, without suffering any price change, if the general assumptions are maintained (number of kilometers, tolls, hours of service, etc ...). If these conditions change, they are previously budgeted and approved by the client. It is never too late to make changes, according to our client´s wishes.


* Indicated prices are for a group of 8 persons.

** The number of places to visit depend on the pace of clients and the monuments to visit. Our guide will provide all the necessary information for clients to choose whatever is most appropriate for their personal taste and desire.